Technology, Let’s Use It, But Let’s Not Be Its Captives!

Approaching cartoons at a universal dimension, with the International Cartoon Competition held every year, the Aydın Doğan Foundation points at an important social issue with the new exhibition that has been held. Close to 80,000 cartoons in the archives of the Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition are brought together in an exhibition to tackle the question, “Are we captives of technology?”.

There are 46 million active Internet users across Turkey. Internet users in Turkey, where there are 42 million active social media accounts, spend 4 hours and 15 minutes a day online on average. So, does technology guide our lives? However, technology is available for humans to use, and it is being continuously developed to be more beneficial. We must benefit from the blessings of technology, but without being a captive to it; going back to our real friends in flesh and blood, once we have used it... Let us think once again: are we going to spend our lives as slaves of machines, or as friends with people and the vivacity of nature?

With the objective of introducing an interpretation through the eyes of the cartoonists to ‘technology addiction’, which is gradually becoming a social issue,  the Aydın Doğan Foundation presents a compilation selected from close to 80 thousand cartoons in its archives, for the appreciation of arts enthusiasts. Held every year by the Aydın Doğan Foundation, and approaching the art of cartoons with a universal dimension throughout the world, the Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition has hosted 7800 artists from 137 countries until the present.