Data Supervisor: Aydın Doğan Foundation Burhaniye Mahallesi, Kısıklı Caddesi, No: 65, Üsküdar/Istanbul

We, Aydın Doğan Foundation, approach sensitively the subject of securing and processing personal data of any persons associated with our Foundation, including our addressees, members, scholarship students and employees, held under our responsibility, within the framework of respective legislation mainly the Law on the Protection of Personal Data no. 6698 (“LPPD”) in compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey and any related international conventions on human rights that our country is a party to. Accordingly, in the capacity of Data Supervisor, we would like to clarify you within the scope of the LPPD.

Your personal data you share, in the capacity of address, competitor, member, scholarship student, supplier or employee, with our Foundation can be processed, transfer to domestic and foreign third persons, stored and handled in connection with and to the extent of our scope of activities, in compliance with the LPPD.

Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data

Your personal data;

i) Pursuant to requirements set forth in the law and good faith, ii) In connection with, limited and to the extent of purpose of processing, iii) In an accurate and updated manner, iv) For certain, clear and legitimate purposes will be handled.

Your personal data can be processed by our Foundation, as being data supervisor, for the purposes of carrying out training activities which are taken as mission, developing and generalizing the training, supporting and promoting the training, contributing to skilled workforce growth, carrying out media and communications studies to speed up the cultural and social progress, ensuring social and cultural exchange and development by holding both individually and national and international conferences, congresses and seminaries in cultural and scientific fields, sustaining researches carried out in economic and cultural fields mainly media/communication areas, organizing contests to encourage the young generations, performing procedures of membership to our foundation, and fulfilling any obligations set forth in the legislation. Data of our employees can be processed by our Foundation or any real or legal entities cooperated or authorized by our Foundation due to operational reasons such as providing occupational safety and work peace and increasing the performance level and employee satisfaction as per the obligations stipulated by the Labor Law, employment and social security regulations and any other applicable legislations as well as our human resources policy.

Transferring of Your Personal Data

Your personal data can be transferred at home and abroad within the abovementioned purposes, in compliance with the LPPD and any applicable legislations, in line with the foundation activities with including but not limited to our partners, business contacts, performance associates, sub-contractors we cooperate with to perform foundation activities or circumstances stipulated by legislations with respect to the regulatory and supervisory institutions and official authorities.

Collection Method and Legal Reason for Your Personal Data

Your personal data can be collected by orally, in writing or electronically in the above- specified scope and purpose. Your personal data is collected orally, in writing or electronically by our

Foundation or any real or legal entities processing data on behalf of our Foundation, via including but not limited to contest application forms, scholarship application forms, various contracts, electronic mail, employment application forms, written or oral communications with our Foundation.

Your Rights as a Personal Data Owner

Provided to be within the framework of LPPD and any other applicable legislations,

i) Learn whether your personal data are being processed, ii) Request information in case your personal data has been processed, iii) Find out the reason for processing of your personal data and whether they had been used properly for this purpose, iv) Learn about the domestic and foreign third parties who have received your personal data, v) Request for correction of your personal data if they are missing or wrong, vi) Request for deletion or removal of your personal data within the framework of the prescribed provisions in the LPPD legislation, vii) Request for notifying to the third persons your personal data is transferred to when you request for correction of missing or wrong data or deletion or removal of your personal data, viii) Object to a result against yourself due to the analyzing of the processed data by automatic systems exclusively, and ix) Demand a compensation in case there is a loss due to your personal data being processed contrary to the law, you have the above rights. You can forward to us your request related to exercising these rights of yours in written or any other method which may be specified by the Board of Protection of Personal Data.

You can send your written request with wet signature to the address of Burhaniye Mahallesi Kısıklı Caddesi No: 65, Üsküdar/Istanbul.

In the application which you will make to exercise the above-specified rights you have as a personal data owner and includes descriptions about the right you wish to exercise, the subject you request for must be clear and comprehensible, the issue you request for must be related with you or if you act on behalf of any other person, you must be specially authorized in this regard and your authorization must be documented, the respective application must include identity and address details and it must be attached with documents certifying your identification.